Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business. 

 ~Acts 6:3 KJV



Deacon Ministry:  Deacon Guy Richards, Acting Chair
Deacon William Ellison, 1st Vice-Chair

Deacon Deon Tillman, Co-Chair
Deacon Leroy Fitchett
Deacon Ronald Jackson
Deacon Shelton Jewette

Deacon John Lloyd, Jr.
Deacon John Lloyd, Sr.
Deacon Zebedee Smith
Deacon Latare Whitaker
DIT Mark Harris, Deacon in Training
DIT Harold Mingo, Deacon in Training
DIT Rodney Pittman, Deacon in Training

Deaconess Ministry:  Deaconess Julia Richards,
Deaconess Roselyn Sealy, 1st Vice

Deaconess Linda White, Co-Chair
Deaconess Thessie Forrest
Deaconess Alisha Lloyd

Deaconess Laurenteen Lloyd
Deaconess Charlotte Smith
Deaconess Sharvon Tillman
Deaconess Joan Turner
DIT Kelly Harris, Deaconess in Training
DIT Annette Mingo, Deaconess in Training
DIT Kathleen Pittman, Deaconess in Training


Trustee Ministry:  Deacon Deon Tillman, Chair
Trustee Lorena Bragg
Trustee Vanessa Casey

Trustee Sylvia Davis-Smith
Trustee Carrie Dubose
Trustee Romania Gadson
Trustee Eric Gamble
Trustee Althea Moore

Trustee R. Tina Rice

Trustee Gregory Turner

Trustee Renee Webster
Trustee Antonio Womack

Trustee Vernell Womack
Trustee Katrina Woodland



Official Board
Deacon Guy Richards, Acting Chair / Deacon Ministry
Deacon Deon Tillman, Chair / Trustee Ministry

Sis. Wanda Bolden / Executive Administrator

Sis. Joyce Turner / Executive Administrator
Sis. Judy Washington / Church Clerk